Our approach to sustainability

At Henry Adams we want to play our part in protecting the world we live in. Sustainability is central to our company’s values and principles. That’s why we’re reviewing every aspect of how we do business in order to reduce the longer-term impact of our business activities on the environment around us.

Our sustainability policies include:

Adopting a “print less” approach by only printing documents where absolutely necessary and using online diaries that can be accessed via smartphones

Using products made from sustainable materials when print products are necessary, such as envelopes made from recycled paper

Making use of “e-signatures” on contractual documents to reduce paper usage

Introducing ‘For Sale’ and ‘Lettings’ signboards made from recycled materials; these boards can then be recycled again for future use

Encouraging staff to walk to viewings whenever properties are close to our offices

Supporting staff who prefer to cycle to their place of work through a qualifying cycle to work scheme

Reducing energy usage through the use of LED lightbulbs wherever possible and ensuring other electrical items are used responsibly by, for example, not leaving items permanently on charge and ensuring lights are turned off at the end of the day

Issuing every member of staff with a reusable water bottle to help us all cut down on single-use plastic bottles

Sending regular newsletters to customers and staff digitally rather than posting printed versions

Switching more of our fleet cars to electric or hybrid vehicles as they come up for contract renewal

Henry Adams is committed to taking positive steps towards becoming ever more sustainable. We continue to review and adapt everything we do in order to help protect our shared environment for a better future.

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Turning feedback into forests

From January 2024, we are funding tree-planting projects in return for honest customer reviews on the independent website, Feefo.

Feefo is the world’s largest verified reviews provider. It has introduced a new sustainability feature by partnering with Ecologi. The reputable climate solutions specialists work hand-in-hand with genuine project providers who are engaging with local communities to restore landscapes. These tree-planting projects nurture seeds to have the best chance of growing into full-grown trees.


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