Get a Head Start on the search for your next home by trying our free property finder service.

We know how competitive the market is right now, so let us do the legwork for you by contacting, on your behalf, the owners of suitable homes not yet on the market.

Head Start with Henry Adams

This could be your solution if you’re living in our local area and still have a property to sell or you have any concerns about coming to the market right now. Head Start makes moving simpler by matching buyers with properties without all the razzmatazz.

Our colleagues are trained to listen to your preferences in terms of property size, style, features, budget and location, even down to which side of a specific road you would prefer.

And we’ve invested in new technology in order to pinpoint homes which are the closest matches to your requirements - even if they aren’t on the market yet.

How does it work?

We’ll contact the owners to let them know that a keen buyer is looking for a property just like theirs and to offer a no obligation valuation, without charge.

If they then decide to sell, you’ll be invited to view the property - before it even gets to the open market or appears online.

And don’t worry if you still have a property of your own to sell, we can take care of that for you too.

There’s no fee for using the Head Start home finding service, so fill in the simple form below and let’s see if we can give your property search a head start.

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Looking to buy?

Looking to buy? Here’s how Head Start could benefit you

You let us do the legwork and find a close match to your dream home.

You get to view, without obligation, before the house hits the open market or appears online.

You enjoy the benefits of a buying service without cost to you.

You get a head start over wider buying competition.

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Homeowner? Here are a few benefits to the seller

You won’t have dozens of prospective buyers looking around your home.

You’ll receive a formal market appraisal advising the full market value of the property.

You’re in a good buying position to secure your next home at the best price.

Your home is sold quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss from start to finish.

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Case Study

When owners of a Petersfield home received a letter from Henry Adams about a buyer looking for a house just like theirs, the timing turned out to be just right.

“They called us to explain that they’d been thinking of selling during lockdown and had already bought their next property,” said Olly Dorling, partner at Henry Adams Petersfield, who arranged to visit them the following week to value their property.

“When we met with the sellers to appraise their home, we discussed a particular buyer who was looking in their area and who might be a good person to sell to. As our meeting was slightly ahead of their initial timeline for selling, we suggested the option of discreet marketing. Testing the market in this way tends to be a softer approach which a lot of people like, but can also result in achieving a premium price.”

After considering the advice and the various options open to them, the owners called Olly a week later to instruct Henry Adams on a discreet basis. The Petersfield team then arranged a viewing with the named buyer for the following week.

“It’s a great property and the buyer offered on the spot, with the condition that the property didn’t come on to the open market,” said Olly. “The owners agreed and a sale was negotiated at £100,000 more than a local agent had valued the property just a few months earlier.

“The whole process gave both our seller and our buyer a real head start with their moving plans and both are now looking forward to their next steps.”

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Head Start with Henry Adams