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Mental Health First Aiders

12 October 2023

Mental Health First Aiders

Henry Adams has backed its commitment to employee well-being by training four staff members as certified Mental Health First Aiders.

Recognising the significance of mental health in the workplace and beyond, Henry Adams is taking proactive steps to ensure that their staff are equipped with the necessary skills to support each other during times of mental health challenges.

An intensive MHFA training course was carried out over multiple sessions with a specialist trainer. The four candidates worked their way through each section, learning more about the role as well as more about themselves, and developing key skills required to help others who may be experiencing poor mental health.

Karen Wiltshire Colban, Martin Leggett, Danielle Plunkett-Smith, and Matthew Inker all volunteered for their new roles as Mental Health First Aiders at Henry Adams. They are now certified to offer immediate assistance and confidential support to any colleagues who may be going through difficult times.

New Homes Sales Manager, Karen Wiltshire-Colban, has been with Henry Adams for more than 25 years. Karen explained why she volunteered for the role: “I feel very strongly about the importance of caring for your mental health for overall wellbeing. We all experience life-changing events and trauma that shape who we are. Very often our ability to cope with these situations impacts our mental health.” 

“With my own personal experiences, I wanted to volunteer to be a Mental Health First Aider,” she continued. “I found the training insightful and often very reflective. The course is certainly informative and covers many different areas of mental health, so we can now provide a valuable support system to those of our colleagues looking for some extra help.”

Acquisitions, Rent Guarantee & Legal Service Specialist, Danielle Plunkett-Smith, had also volunteered for her new role. Danielle said, “It’s such an important subject that I feel is still not spoken about enough so I wanted to be able to raise awareness and help friends, family and colleagues. 

“Personally, I have experienced the impact of poor mental health with a family member. Since the training, I have a better understanding and changed the way I start conversations. As this subject was so close to home, I wanted to be able to recognise if someone was experiencing poor mental health and provide them with the right support and point them in the direction of help suited to their needs.”

Commenting on the company’s new MHFA initiative, Ian Wiggett, CEO of Henry Adams, said "Our colleagues are the heart and soul of everything we do as a company, and their well-being is of utmost importance to us. Training our four volunteers as Mental Health First Aiders will help us create a supportive workplace culture that not only benefits our team members but also enhances the service we provide to our clients."

This commitment to mental health aligns with Henry Adams's core values of respect, warmth, and teamwork. In recognising the impact of mental health on individuals and the broader community, especially in the property industry, which can be demanding and stressful. By appointing Mental Health First Aiders, they hope to offer a helping hand to colleagues when they need it most.

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