A Pressing Engagement!

28 September 2015

A Pressing Engagement!

On a beautiful autumnal day, Henry Adams Emsworth was delighted to sponsor this year’s Apple Press event in The Square at Emsworth. Our local office Manager, Matthew Inker was only too pleased to don the Apple Press T-shirt and support the team of volunteers commenting, “This event once again illustrates the togetherness of the general Emsworth community, driven by the enthusiasm and willingness of the Emsworth Business Association.”

Bustling with activity this pressing occasion attracted many passersby to learn how freshly harvested home grown apples can be transformed into sweet tasting juice. Apples were washed and cut into segments, chopped into a pulp, layered in muslin between wooden boards and pressed until the apple juice flowed. Interested onlookers were invited to buy cartons of freshly squeezed apple juice proudly displaying the label designed by a talented child from Westbourne Primary School.

A huge thank you to everyone who took a part in this wonderful community event!

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