Spring clean to bring out the best in your home

22 April 2020

Spring clean to bring out the best in your home

Now most of us are staying home and spending more time indoors, it’s a great opportunity to spring clean, spruce up and spend some time getting the garden looking good - especially if you’re thinking of moving later on. 

Just a few minutes or an hour each day can make a remarkable difference to your home in next to no time and will make sure your home is picture perfect for the marketing photos to really show your property at its best.

Marie Kondo is the go-to expert when it comes to de-cluttering and tidying. She recommends we should hold on to things that ‘spark joy’ for us but to let go of others which have already served their purpose. Put them to one side for donating or taking to the tip after lockdown ends. Her Netflix series is worth a watch to see how people have transformed their homes just one item at a time. 

Once the surfaces and the cupboards are clearer, it’s time to put on your favourite music and the marigold gloves, and get the home spotless. It takes time but will be worth it when the kitchen cupboards gleam and even the skirting boards are bright again. Tackle a room at a time and you’ll soon see a difference.

For lots of inspiration, House Beautiful has tips on spring cleaning your whole home in just one day and Good Housekeeping has more useful advice for a spotless home. 

Sparklingly clean windows let in more light, especially when the sun shines and even just doing one or two rooms at a time will soon result in a home streaming with sunlight this summer. 

Then it’s time to turn your attention to the garden. If you’re not green fingered, just dig up the weeds, mow the lawn and give it a general tidy up so it looks smart enough for summer. If you can get hold of some bedding plants from one of the local suppliers offering delivery, then colourful pots of blooms will instantly brighten up the outside space. 

And finally, give the front door a good clean, inside and out for a smart first impression. 

Now sit back and admire your spotlessly clean home!  And if you’re planning to move later this year, potential buyers will be able to see all the very best aspects of your home either through online viewings or in person once lockdown is lifted. 

If you’d like more information about how to prepare your home for marketing, together with a ‘virtual’ valuation to give you a guide on pricing, then simply get in touch with us here at Henry Adams and we’ll talk you through all your options. 

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