The world of colour

20 December 2019

The world of colour

Open your eyes to a tranquil dawn… that’s the colour that Dulux have chosen to be their Colour of the Year 2020. Inspired by the morning sky, Tranquil Dawn is a soft, versatile shade of green for use in any room.

For different colour combinations for use alongside Tranquil Dawn and lots of decorating ideas, check out all the suggestions from Dulux.

Farrow & Ball offer limitless decorating ideas for their range of eco-friendly paints and wallpapers. They’ve recently brought out a collection of 16 new paint colours in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. As you might expect, the colours are inspired by nature - from snow white and duck green to deep reddish brown, naturally.

Crown Paints reports that fresh natural tones are on the rise. Retro colours like avocado green, mustard and orange are also making a comeback but we think that perhaps they’re best kept for a couple of smaller highlights at home, especially when it comes to selling or letting so that you appeal to the widest possible audience of buyers and tenants.

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