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Election comment

16 December 2019

Election comment

“The result of the Election and the significant Conservative majority has immediately removed a degree of political uncertainty for the economy and the housing market.

With clear policy direction from the new Government, people are now able to plan their home moves with more certainty.

The housing market has been reasonably active in the southern region this year but there has also been a sense of pent up demand which we expect to translate into more sales as buyers, sellers and house builders have increased confidence in the economy.

An uptick in transactions could well see a modest price rise in the coming months, although we don’t anticipate a house price boom on the horizon just yet.

There is likely to be a number of new policies introduced in the coming months but overall the housing market for 2020 signals a very positive outlook with healthy growth expected across all property price ranges.”

Philip Jordan, Chief Executive, Henry Adams LLP

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