Renting with good schools in mind

10 September 2019

Renting with good schools in mind

As the school holidays come to an end many parents will soon be researching and applying for a place for their children at the school of their choice for September 2020.

“Moving into a specific catchment area where parents are more likely to secure a place for their child is one of the main reasons for moving, whether it’s through buying or renting nearby,” says Nick van Klaveren, director at Henry Adams Lettings in Chichester.

“As catchment areas change so frequently, family properties closest to the preferred school rise in highest demand from prospective tenants with school age children.

“Landlords considering investing in a family home with three or more bedrooms should certainly look at the popularity of the nearby schools when making their choice.”

Nick adds, “Fortunately around this area so many of the schools are good or outstanding with strong reputations.

“Even so, we do still discuss with investors which might be more attractive to tenant families and it could be the other local amenities, such as a station nearby, or simply the size or age range of the school which is more likely to appeal to tenants.

“We often find that once a let is agreed and children start at the local school, families are likely to stay for some years as their children go up through the school. So it’s a good, longer term option for both the tenant and the landlord.”

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