Spruce up your home for a spring sale

13 February 2018

Spruce up your home for a spring sale

You want your property to be remembered by buyers for all the right reasons.

Owners often think that viewers will see past their clutter but that’s not always the case. One of the reasons housebuilders present clean, uncluttered show homes is to present the property to its very best advantage.

Not many of us are too enthusiastic about spring cleaning but a spotless home does makes it more attractive to buyers from the moment they arrive at the front door.

Sparkling windows let in maximum sunshine. Immaculate kitchens & bathrooms give buyers confidence that the home has been cared for. Neat & tidy rooms allow buyers to appreciate all the space and potential of what could be about to become their future home.

The first step is to clear clutter: cleaning will be easier, the place will look smarter and what’s more, you’ll be taking only the things you love to your next home rather than everything accumulated over the years.

So, let’s get started:

  • Choose one room at a time and commit to completing it before tackling the next one
  • Be realistic, don’t get everything out at once if you only have a couple of hours to spare
  • Sort into four piles: give away, throw away, sell, and keep
  • Act quickly to move everything on - don’t just pile it up in the garage or people will think the house wouldn't really be big enough for all their stuff either.

For treasures you no longer use, like antique furniture or heirloom tea sets lurking in the back of a cupboard, ask Andrew and Rachel, our Fine Art experts, to value them. You can even email them a photo for an initial guide. Auctioning items will add to your pocket while freeing your space and benefiting their new owners - definitely a win:win. 

You can then take a moment to appreciate the space created, space which your viewers will love as well.

An important part of our service is to offer advice on how to present your home to its best advantage. Great presentation comes across in our photos, and these catch the eye of buyers as they browse the listings. Decluttering and spring cleaning will help put your home in that frame.

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