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Persevering at Steep Primary School, Petersfield

19 June 2017

Persevering at Steep Primary School, Petersfield

Believe, Persevere and Achieve are the three values the children at Steep CE Primary School are striving for. 

Henry Adams have teamed up with Steep School to encourage children in their plight by providing badges, especially for PERSEVERANCE. Head Teacher Mrs Romans spoke with the children in an assembly, outlining the importance of persevering even when things seem difficult and almost impossible, keep on keeping on, trying, again and again, she told them. 

Mrs Romans announced she had already promised perseverance  badge for a little girl who had done just that, and she became the first owner of the new badge. Children get to keep the badges and wear them on their uniform with pride. 

Good luck children of Steep Primary, we hope Mrs Romans will soon be able to award lots more!

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