Find out what your property is worth in minutes…

9 February 2017

Find out what your property is worth in minutes…

It’s one of the questions most asked when we speak with our customers and the burning question every property owner wants to know. So, how can you find out what your property is worth?

Here at Henry Adams we’ve made it really easy for you. With just one click of a button we will offer a free instant online sales or rental valuation of your property. It’s completely free and there is no obligation, all we require from you is just 5 minutes of your time to answer a few questions and you will receive the results instantly.

We will need your property’s postcode, number of bedrooms and the type of property. Once they are entered it is then matched against the most up to date information held by our own property database as well as that of the Land Registry. Once all the records have been checked we will provide you with an instant valuation which will give you an approximate idea of your property’s worth. Do remember that every property is different so we would always recommend you seek a full valuation when you are serious about selling. As a courtesy, we will then call you back to run through the valuation and answer any questions you may have.

It really is that simple!

Next steps…

Once you have received the figure we would strongly advise you to secure a bespoke valuation of your home in person with one of our experienced property experts. This way you can use our unique local knowledge to really maximise your property’s sales or rental potential. To speak with one of our professional experts, find your local Henry Adams office here

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