New Homes for Penguins!

8 November 2016

New Homes for Penguins!

Henry Adams will again be holding a Christmas themed competition in thirteen schools across Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire involving children designing special homes for our two adorable penguins, Iggy and Louie. 

From November our Partners and Managers, along with Dee our community Liaison Coordinator, will  be  joining  school assemblies to tell the children all about our exciting competition. 

To enter the children will be asked to design a home for our penguins being as imaginative and creative as possible; their new home could be in the garden, in snowy climes, under the sea or even up in space! 

The winning design from both the Infants and the Juniors will be awarded a cuddly penguin and for the runners up, chocolate penguin lollies kindly provided by Dawn Shrives of Le Salon Du Chocolat, Chichester. http://www.lesalonduchocolat.co.uk

Good luck to all the children; Iggy and Louie can’t wait to see their new homes!


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