The School Christmas Competition is back

21 October 2016

The School Christmas Competition is back

Henry Adams will again be holding a Christmas themed competition for children in schools across Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Last year we held a Christmas Bear Hunt, and this year involves the naming and homing of our adorable penguins pictured above.

This year’s competition will take place in two parts; firstly, we’re holding a competition on social media, where we have asked our Henry Adams fans to suggest names for our penguins.

Secondly, once our penguins are suitably named, they’ll be handed over to the care of our local schools for the children to design them a very special home.

Help us name our penguins.

For a chance to win a chocolate prize from Le Salon Du Chocolat in Chichester, enter our social media contest (click here) by suggesting the name you think best suits either of these penguins.

The two winners will be chosen by us on 31st October and will each receive a box of cute chocolate penguins from Le Salon Du Chocolat.

Schools competition: Design a Home for our Penguins.

From November we will be travelling to our schools and joining their assemblies to tell the children all about our exciting competition.

To enter, the children will be asked to design the best home imaginable for our penguins, where they can be as imaginative and creative as possible.  

The winning design from both the Infants and the Juniors will be awarded a cuddly penguin and for the runners up, chocolate penguin lollies kindly provided by Dawn Shrives of Le Salon Du Chocolat https://www.lesalonduchocolat.co.uk

Winners of each school competition will be announced in December, where we will be excited to hand over prizes to the children before they break up for Christmas.

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