Move to the Country Show

18 March 2016

Move to the Country Show

London buyers aspiring to life in the country are faced with a dazzling array of locations and properties to choose from. 

That’s why we are once again promoting homes in this outstanding corner of the South East at this year’s prestigious ‘Move to the Country Show’ to be held in central London on Thursday 28 April 2016.

The show, supported by Country Life and run by The London Office, is designed to make the property search easier for serious house-hunters currently living or staying in London. They’ll be able to gather first-hand advice about property across the UK in a setting convenient to them, as this high profile event will take place at Chelsea Town Hall.

City-dwellers already make up a significant number of enquiries for country property but the ‘Move to the Country Show’ is anticipated to generate even more demand this year.

“The show provides a great opportunity for buyers to discuss in detail the distinct areas which make up the character of the countryside” says Harriet Coates, partner at our Storrington office.  “This region always generates a huge amount of interest with its spectacular countryside and our thriving cities and market towns, and all within striking distance of London.  

“We will be on hand throughout the event to assist with any questions such a move might raise, whether for a second home, a buy to let or holiday investment, or a more permanent relocation to a new lifestyle.”

If you are considering selling your property and would like it to be promoted at this prestigious event, just get in touch by 14 April or email us at askhenry@henryadams.co.uk.


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