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18 February 2016


When it comes to getting your property in tip-top condition to attract buyers, there are a few quick wins. Whether you’re already on the market or are just thinking of moving, these simple suggestions might help:


1:  Style sells

As every buyer is different, it’s best to keep things neutral so the full extent of available space in your home is easy to see and buyers can plan how their own furnishings could fit. 


Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Why not spruce things up with coloured cushions and finishing touches which you can take to your next home? Beware taking on too much though, so ask us round and we’ll point out the best options.


2:  First impressions count

We all make snap judgments and none more so than homebuyers visiting a selection of properties, so make their first impression memorable - for the right reasons.

A weed-free front garden with a mown lawn, a clean front door and threshold, and cheerful tubs of flowers all go a long way to create a warm welcome.  

The hallway should be spotless so try to keep it clear of surplus coats, bags, shoes & boots or keep them in a big storage container, ideally in the garage or a spare room, just while you’re selling.


3. Going, going, gone…

There’s something very satisfying about giving away, selling or throwing away items you no longer need so approach decluttering with a positive attitude.

Even just half an hour of decluttering followed by a few trips to the charity shops or the tip will be time well spent. Your viewers will be glad to see the full scope of the property and come moving day, you’ll be relieved that you’re only taking the things you need and love most.


4: Spring clean

A good cleaning weekend can reap dividends in terms of a quicker sale and a better price. Crystal clear windows let in maximum light for a brighter appearance and a quick wipe of the skirtings and floorings can make a noticeable difference. Kitchen worktops should be clear of washing up and keep pet bowls and beddings out the way of visitors if possible.


5.  Making amends

A stitch in time saves nine and that certainly applies to home maintenance. Attend to minor niggles now so buyers aren’t distracted, or worse still, put off entirely - who wants to be replacing a dodgy door handle as soon as they move in?  Even replacing blown light bulbs will instantly create a brighter impression.

It all helps focus viewers’ attention on the important things - like how lovely the property looks and how soon they could move in!


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